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Letter: Ploger Will Be a Benefit to All District 308 Children

Mar 15, 2015 06:58PM ● By Steven Jack
Jared Ploger has spent his adult life dedicated to bettering his community. 

Whether through coaching youth sports, volunteering at Long Beach Elementary both, in the class room and on the PTO board (where he founded the Fathers’ Forum), he has proven that he is willing to work hard to improve Oswego District 308. 

He is not just a parent in the district; he’s also an educator and an excellent communicator.  Over the years, I have gone to Jared about my concerns regarding my children’s education because I know he will always be open and honest with me, giving me a fair look at both sides of the topic.  

I think Jared Ploger will be a great, and much needed addition to our school board.  He will be a benefit to all of our children.

Stephanie Young