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Letter: Gail Johnson is a Role Model for Others

Mar 15, 2015 06:55PM ● By Steven Jack
I’m writing this letter in support of Gail Johnson, candidate for Oswego Village President.  

I’ve known Gail for 32 years.
  She has taught me to respect others, be true to myself, do what is right and support others in need.  Gail has helped me to develop into an independent, driven individual. 

Whether I needed the support on the sidelines during Sugar & Spice Softball, encouragement to advance my education, or advice on career choices, Gail was always there for me.  

She has been an important role model for me and others, both personally and professionally.
I’m confident she will do what is best for the future of Oswego and always be there for the community. 

I know this because Gail is my mom.

Laura (Johnson) Lavish