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Only Oswego

Multiple Police Agencies Respond to Abandoned Backpack Outside of Oswego Store

Mar 11, 2015 01:11PM ● By Steven Jack

Police from several agencies were called to the area in front of the Oswego Ross Dress for Less store Tuesday night.

At about 7:25 p.m. Oswego Police arrived for a call of an abandoned backpack sitting on top of a garbage can located outside the store. Upon inspection, police found the backpack contained, among other things, items suspected to be used for the production of methamphetamine, said Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner.

Burgner said officers alerted the Kendall County Cooperative Police Assistance Team for assistance in dealing with the items. CPAT officers then alerted the Illinois State Police to collect the items, Burgner said.

“It’s not a common occurrence that we would see those types of items in Oswego,” Burgner said. “That’s why people would have seen a larger police presence in the area. We know these items can be volatile and wanted to make sure to have someone who could handle them safely.”

Burgner said there are no suspects in the case, but investigators are trying to determine if there are cameras in the area that might have recorded the person who left the backpack.