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Letter: Ploger Understands Growth Issues in District 308

Mar 09, 2015 04:53PM ● By Steven Jack

​Growth, that seems to be the main issue our school district has been dealing with over the last fifteen years.  

When I listen and read what Jared Ploger has to say about growth, I listen.  Why?  Well, here is a candidate from this area who recognizes that we have been talking about growth actually for 20 + years. 

​Here is someone who understands growth is going to continue but wants to fight to preserve the identity that is Oswego 308…not SD308 but Oswego 308.  Having grown up just down the road in Somonauk, I feel that he can appreciate this area and understand how it works. Yet, his appeal with many groups in our many communities should not be overlooked either.   

​Here is a man who has seen Oswego grow by over 1000% in his lifetime.  We need someone who understands our history but also understands how to move forward.  Our school district needs that attitude too.  I’m convinced that if more people like Jared Ploger were on our School Board, money would have been spent on kids not on a logo change that diminishes our identity as Oswego 308. 

​Please vote on April 7th for someone who represents ALL of us.  Please vote for Jared Ploger.

Mary Sperry