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Letter: Banks Wants Open Communication Between Parents, District

Mar 08, 2015 09:59PM ● By Steven Jack
As a parent in the district, I am supporting Brad Banks for Oswego 308 School Board.  

Brad is a dedicated father to three kids and can regularly be found at their school and events. Not only will you find him coaching the weekly running club with his wife, he’s there chaperoning field trips, volunteering for room parties and supporting the veterans at the school’s Veteran’s Day assembly as a Marine himself.
By being in the schools frequently he knows the kids, the parents, the teachers and most importantly, what needs to be improved in our district.  With kids entering Junior High through preschool, he’s here for the long haul and has a great interest in making our schools the best possible schools in the area.  He doesn’t want to just call it World Class.  He wants Oswego 308 to be World Class!
Being an involved parent, Brad knows we all want the best education possible for our children. He will look to the parents for ideas and opinions.  He wants communication to open up again between the district and the parents.  He has seen firsthand how the system is broken.  And I trust him to be able to help fix it and bring Oswego back to where it should be.  For the sake of his kids and mine, vote for Brad Banks on April 7.

Jaimee Kareem