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Letter: Johnson Has a 'Promising Vision' for Oswego

Mar 08, 2015 09:50PM ● By Steven Jack
I met Gail Johnson about 24 years ago when my family began attending the same church as the Johnsons.  

She was a prominent woman in our church, and she was actively involved in many leadership roles within the church.  Not only did she organize women's groups, but she also served as a youth leader and Sunday school teacher. 

Now I know Gail as my friend, one that I've enjoyed having wonderful conversations with over manicures at the local salon. As I've come to know Gail even better in recent years, I've learned that she is a fiercely passionate person about our town.

She has Oswego's best interest at heart - both the community, it's businesses, and the community members. Gail Johnson is most definitely the best person to become our next Village President. She has such promising visions for our town, which she will no doubt see through when she is elected.

I urge you to vote on Tuesday, April 7th, and support Gail Johnson for Oswego Village President - for a positive change for Oswego.

Tara Fox Bohman, Oswego