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Letter to the Editor: Gail Johnson Will Bring Strong, Focused Leadership to Oswego

Feb 17, 2015 08:08AM ● By Steven Jack
The time is now to bring strong, focused leadership to Oswego.  I’m supporting Gail Johnson for Village President because she has proven she can build consensus to get things done.  

She has the right things in 
mind to move Oswego forward. She believes in working with our surrounding communities to plan regionally, explore resource-sharing and begin working on many opportunities and issues that affect us all. 

She is an ardent supporter of economic development. Attracting and retaining business and industry spreads out our tax base beyond residents and creates jobs.  Growth doesn’t increase property taxes – stagnation does.

Every vote is important in this election. Please join me and cast a vote for Gail on April 7th. #RaiseYourVoice

Greg Spears, Oswego