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Chiropractor from Oswego Facing Federal Charges

Feb 13, 2015 06:53AM ● By Steven Jack

A chiropractor from Oswego has been charged with illegally possessing and distributing anabolic steroids he illegally imported from China, according to the federal government.

Gregory Zimmerman, 43, of Oswego, Illinois, was charged with possessing with intent to distribute a controlled substance in a criminal complaint that was filed Feb. 4 in federal court and unsealed Tuesday. 

Zimmerman, a licensed chiropractor, self-surrendered to authorities Feb. 9 and was released on a $25,000 bond. He operates Batavia Physical Medicine clinic in Batavia.

It is alleged that Zimmerman was illegally importing steroid powders from China, then manufacturing and distributing the steroids to customers locally and throughout the United States. The complaint details instances in which a confidential informant, who was working with law enforcement, received shipments of bulk steroid powder from China on Zimmerman’s behalf. 

Zimmerman allegedly converted the powder into injectable liquid steroids or oral capsules that he distributed to clients. On at least one occasion Zimmerman had several two-liter bottles filled with liquid steroid at his residence, the complaint alleges.

During a consensual search at Zimmerman’s home Jan. 30, HSI special agents encountered a room that appeared to be used as a steroid manufacturing laboratory, authorities said. In Zimmerman’s possession, agents recovered quantities of suspected anabolic steroids in both liquid and powder form, quantities of suspected Human Growth Hormone (HGH), quantities of other substances that are being tested, as well as steroid packaging materials, authorities said.

"The illicit production and sale of steroids poses a serious public health threat," said Gary Hartwig, special agent in charge for HSI Chicago. "HSI and its law enforcement partners are committed to pursuing those who use legitimate shipping channels to smuggle drugs into the United States."

HGH and anabolic steroids are frequently used by athletes and body builders for unapproved purposes, such as enhancing performance and building muscle mass. These drugs can present serious health risks when not properly administered under the supervision of a licensed physician.