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Letter to the Editor: Gail Johnson Has 'Desire to Bring Downtown Alive'

Feb 07, 2015 04:11PM ● By Steven Jack
I have known Gail Johnson for several years. 

In the past, I have lent her my support by voting for her as an Oswego Trustee.  I continue support Gail, now, as she runs for Village Board President.  Gail has an unfailing desire to bring Downtown Oswego alive.  She is a team-builder who works with people from every political persuasion and background.  

Gail supports the economic development of Oswego, especially since she is a business owner herself.  Her experience with the Board has shown that Gail continues to have what it takes to make Oswego great, and I do not hesitate to cast my vote in her direction again. 

I hope others in town will consider Gail Johnson for Village Board President on April 7th.  In fact, I'm going to participate again in early voting, which starts onMarch 23rd.

Brandy Carrelli