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Only Oswego

Oswego Woman Working to Control Feral Cat Population

Feb 03, 2015 04:03PM ● By Steven Jack

This kitten was recently found near the Oswego and Montgomery border by Monica Schaberg, who is working to help control the local feral population. (Submitted photo)

Monica Schaberg of Oswego is a cat lady. 

No, not that kind of cat lady. Instead, she is working to help control Oswego’s feral cat population through catching, sterilizing and releasing a small population of wild felines that roam the area. 

“I’m out here trying to raise awareness and to keep kittens out of the shelters,” Schaberg said. 

Schaberg has been volunteering with a DuPage County feral cat organization for several years and fosters several cats at any given time. She’s been working in Oswego lately to help deter the spread of the local feral population.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a problem in Oswego,” she said. “I've seen areas where it’s a lot worse. Thankfully it hasn’t been crazy here, and that’s what I’d like to prevent.”

Currently there are two feral hotspots in the area, according to Schaberg. A feral female that lives near The Tillers retirement home off Route 71 gave birth to 15 kittens in the past year, and there is sizable community off of Route 34 near the River Heights Animal Hospital. 

“These cats really aren’t posing a problem for anyone, and they are likely being fed by residents in the area,” Schaberg said. “I just want to make sure they are trapped, neutered and returned in a humane way, and when winter hits I set out temporary shelters to help keep them warm.”

Of course, this kind of work doesn’t come without some expense, and Schaberg is collecting donations for her organization, Oswego Cats, through a Go Fund Me that can be found here.

Do you have feral cats in your neighborhood? Call Monica 
Schaberg at 630-803-1155.