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SNAPSHOT: Oswego Family Gets Creative on Snow Day

Feb 03, 2015 12:26PM ● By Steven Jack
Oswego 6-year-old Tristan Patel didn't spend his snow day off school Monday inside playing video games or watching movies.

Nope — Tristan and his parents were outside creating one of Oswego's most colorful snow sculptures. Tristan's mom Hina Patel said the family worked for nearly three hours Monday piling and coloring the plentiful snow at their 500 Bloomfield Circle West home into a Minion character from the film Despicable Me. 

"I started to make these things because Tristan has Autism, and when he likes something he really likes it," Hina said. "... When he was younger I would see him looking outside watching the kids in the neighborhood playing in the snow, he could not tolerate the texture and temperature of the snow from his sensory processing disorder. So, I filled water bottles with water and food coloring, and we would make snow art. This way he was also experiencing playing in the snow," Hina said.

The family used lots of food coloring for the body and a plate wrapped in foil and covered in plastic for the single eye. 

"(This is) something to make you and hopefully other Oswego residents smile," Hina said. "We are in the Southbury Subdivision if anyone wants a photo with him."