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Oswego Police Announce Additional Arrests in High School Drug Sweeps

Jan 29, 2015 05:56AM ● By Steven Jack

Oswego Police announced additional arrests resulting from their K-9 drug sweep of both high school parking lots earlier this month. 

Follow-up investigations brought charges of two counts of drug paraphernalia possession and unlawful use of weapons charges against a 17-year-old OEHS student, another two 17-year-olds and one 16-year-old were charged with paraphernalia possession at OEHS and one 17-year-old OHS student was charged with possessing less than 2.5 grams of marijuana. 

Police conducted the sweeps in conjunction with several neighboring departments shortly after school began Jan. 15. Police said dogs found evidence of the presence of drugs or paraphernalia in three cars at each school, and three other juveniles were previously charged as a result. 

Further arrests from the investigation may be possible, police said. 

"Oswego Police are committed to working with School District 308 in proactive efforts aimed toward providing a safe, drug-free environment for students," said Oswego Police Chief Jeff Burgner.