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Letter to Editor: Time to Focus on Future of the Village

Jan 28, 2015 09:28PM ● By Steven Jack
Now that the village clerk has clear direction on the election process, we can focus on the future of our village. We can begin to tackle issues like balancing the tax ratio, revitalization of our downtown, funding maintenance of the roads, preparing for the next wave of growth, planning for economic development, and bringing our community together. There are many topics to be discussed and as a candidate, I look forward to sharing ideas with the residents of Oswego during these weeks leading up to the election.

These are all important topics but let us not forget that, as candidates, we need to inspire the voters of Oswego. In past local elections, voter turnout has been less than spectacular. I want residents to realize that every vote is important and every vote counts – especially in our local election. For it is at these levels of government that we can make the most of our vote – we can connect directly with the candidates and understand the issues that affect our everyday lives.

If you aren’t registered to vote – register today! You can register at the Oswego Village Hall, the Kendall County Clerk’s Office, the Oswegoland Park District, and the Oswego Public Library. If you are a registered voter, start paying attention to the candidates and attend one of the many local forums in the next two months. Make an educated decision and make your vote count on April 7th! #raiseyourvoice

Karin McCarthy-Lange
Candidate for Oswego Village Trustee