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Village President Candidate Gail Johnson Responds to Michels' Statement

Jan 27, 2015 11:11AM ● By Steven Jack

Gail Johnson

Village President candidate Gail Johnson released a statement Tuesday morning in response to former fellow candidate Terry Michels’ Monday announcement that he was withdrawing from the April 7 election race. 

In his statement Michels accused Johnson of “hiding the truth” and failing to take responsibility for her part in the costly election ballot battle that has played out over the last three months. 

The following is the complete text of Johnson’s Tuesday morning statement:

Candidates choose how to run their campaigns. Mr. Michels, by his own admission, had an opportunity to bring a discrepancy in published dates in the candidates’ packet to everyone’s attention as long ago as September and made a choice not to do so. 

That decision led to countless wasted tax dollars and an irresponsible disregard of his duty as a seated Village trustee.

The 23rd Circuit Court as well as an Electoral Board found that all candidates should be on the ballot. These proceedings and all costs associated with them could have been avoided if Michels had simply chosen to do the right thing.

 I have also made a choice as how to run my campaign. I choose to focus on our community rather than the candidates. I choose not to address the vitriol in the rhetoric that Michels has left in the wake of his choices. 

The truth is available in public documents filed during the court proceedings. They are now public record and are available to everyone. I choose to respect the resources that our residents entrust to us and use them wisely, never for personal gain. 

I choose to focus on the issues that face our community now and into the future. I will continue to make choices that will create an Oswego that is lauded for its quality of life, economic vitality, and opportunities for all residents to thrive. The time is now.

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