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OYTF Announces Partnership with OHS, OEHS

Jan 26, 2015 10:55AM ● By Steven Jack

Provided by Bob Perry

The Oswego Youth Tackle Football organization announces that it will partner with Oswego High School and Oswego East high School to become their main football and cheer feeder program.  

 “I am excited to continue to work with Oswego Youth Tackle Football,” OHS Head Football Coach Brian Cooney said. “Aligning our young athletes with their future home schools will prove beneficial for our kids and our program. The entire Oswego High School Football Staff is looking forward to this change.”

While OYTF has had a long history of preparing student athletes to enter Oswego High School, the program is also very excited to partner with Oswego East High School officially for the first time.

"Building the relationship between OE football and the OYTF program will go a long way in helping us get to the next level,” Owego East High School Head Football Coach Tyson LeBlanc said.  “OYTF has always done a great job of teaching the game to the kids in this community. The things that they are doing now will pay big dividends for the kids and our program going forward."  
The Oswego Youth Tackle Football organization was created more than 35 years ago in response to the elimination of the middle school football program. Since its inception, OYTF has trained thousands of football players and cheerleaders to rise to the next level. While there are other football programs in the area, OYTF is the only Oswego youth football and cheer program that aligns teams directly to the high school that they are attending. 

Student athletes coming through the OYTF program will be best 
prepared to play in high school because of this partnership, because OYTF’s coaches and players will be taught the terminology and techniques used in cheerleading and in all three phases of football by the OHS and OEHS programs directly from the high school coaching staffs. 

Cheer Program

The OYTF cheerleading program is also expanding its partnership with both Oswego high schools.  

"Working with OYTF is the first building block to increasing the unity within the 
community, creating a solid foundation for training athletes, and preparing young athletes for their high school sports and beyond, said Oswego High School head cheer coach Teri Daniels-Mugnaini.  “This is 
the start of something great and I am honored to be a part of what's to come!”

Teri and her team are working with OYTF to develop new coaching clinics for OYTF coaches.  The clinics will cover instruction on techniques used by OHS coaches in fundamentals such as jumps, stunts, technique and proper stretching.