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Only Oswego

Oswego Weathers First Snow Storm, Cold Snap

Jan 12, 2015 08:04PM ● By Steven Jack

Flickr Creative Commons

Compared to the problems of last winter, Oswego's infrastructure has fared well so far this winter. 

Last week's first real snowfall and cold snap was handled with few problems, according to Jennifer Hughes, the village's public works director.

Residents may have noticed snow and ice covering village streets for extended periods; however, Hughes said Monday that several days of sub-zero temperatures following last week's snow made salting streets largely ineffective.

"I think what they are seeing is that the first snow fall coincided with a significant period of sub-freezing temperatures," she said. "The temperatures were below the effective temperature that salt works.  Therefore, you didn’t see the road pavement quickly.  If you look at the roads this afternoon, most of them have cleared up quite nicely through a combination of higher temperatures and sun."

Last year's harsh winter forced the village to plow through tens of thousands of dollars in overtime payments for public works staff and to purchase an extra 120 tons of road salt. 

The several weeks of frozen temperatures also caused about 25 underground frozen service lines that were repaired by the village. So far this winter, Hughes said the village has not seen any frozen service lines.

A blast of sub-zero temperatures will return Tuesday night with a low of -6 forecast. Warmer temperatures may return this weekend with a predicted high Saturday of 37, according to the National Weather Service.