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Oswego Police Investigating Rash of Break-Ins

Jan 06, 2015 05:18PM ● By Steven Jack
Oswego Police are warning residents to lock their vehicles after a string of car break-ins in the village's downtown and west side.

According to Police Chief Jeff Burgner, thieves have hit nearly 20 unlocked cars in the past few weeks, stealing everything from wallets, small amounts of change, knives and credit cards.

The downtown break-ins took place mostly between Dec. 14-18. West side subdivisions Fox Chase, River Run, River Mist and Hometown were hit from Dec. 19-25, Burgner said. 

"We're working on trying to determine if these cases are linked," he said. "We have a few leads we are currently following up on."

Typically, car break-ins tend to taper off during the winter months. In fact, Oswego Police took no break-ins during the same period last year, Burgner said. However, 2013's snowy December may explain the difference. 

In response to the recent thefts, the Oswego Police distributed the following tips to help residents prevent being victimized:
  • Always lock your vehicle: A locked vehicle makes it more difficult for a thief to take your valuables. If your vehicle is accessed, a criminal may also have the ability to access your garage and eventually the interior of your home through the use of your garage door opener.
  • Remove valuables: Remove your laptop computer, GPS and other valuables from your car. An empty car is less likely to draw the attention of a would-be thief.
  • Conceal belongings: If you must leave valuables in your vehicle, cover them or place them in a closed container. Additionally, security blankets or shields will remove these items from plain view. Inform your children to cover their belongings or place them under their seat. This will ensure items are not seen through the vehicle's windows.
  • Remind teenagers & other family members to lock doors: Communicate with all drivers within your home, including teenagers and other family members, the importance of locking their car doors and adhering to the other precautions.