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Special Education Co-op Honors Bednarcik Assistant Principal

Nov 21, 2014 07:20AM ● By Steven Jack

Bednarcik Junior High School Assistant Principal Michele Peat

A Bednarcik Junior High School assistant principal recently won a prestigious award at a Kendall County Special Education Cooperative (KCSEC) recognition ceremony.
Bednarcik Junior High School Assistant Principal Michele Peat received the Debra Roberts Award, named in memory of a teacher and later coordinator who dedicated her life to special education. Peat was nominated by Barbara Houge, a special educator.
This is what the nomination form said of Peat:
Michele is one of the most supportive SD 308 administrators I have worked with over the years. She is not only a champion of every student in her building, but her educational staff as well.

One of the best things about her is that she does not see any difference between students with special education needs and students without needs. She handles all situations with patience, understanding and grace.

She works efficiently and effectively at whatever tasks are presented to her. Michele understands how to navigate the Easy IEP program with ease and does not mind assisting other staff members when they need a quick “tutoring” session.

She has a down to earth attitude and open door approach which allows her to be available when one has a question or concern. She is always “student” first when making decisions or developing new programs. She leads by example. It has been a pleasure working with her over the years.”