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Only Oswego

Letter: Challenge is On — Dust Off Your Voter Registration Card

Nov 20, 2014 04:36PM ● By Steven Jack

Photo credit: Flckr Creative Commons

I am writing this as a concerned citizen who has been bombarded with countless "news" stories this week about topics that have absolutely no impact on our day-to-day lives in this great community. It would seem that the controversial stories are beginning to take precedent over what really matters. At least what seems to matter to people when I talk to them.

Every week, I hear neighbors, friends and community members discuss their frustration with local taxes, poor business development, failed restaurants, limited transportation options in the area. And, when I ask many of them if they've thought about how they will vote in the April 2015 election, many of them admit they aren't even registered. How is this possible?

In the 2011 local election, only 11% of the registered voters actually made use of that right so many people fought for more than a century ago. The previous year is was 12%. How can we call ourselves the "Great Democracy" when so few people actually exercise their right to participate in it?

My challenge to every one of you reading this is to dust off your voter registration card. Now. Or, get yourself registered to vote if you don't have one. Do some research on candidates. Consider that the people elected at the state and federal level have an impact on overall policy and spending, but local voting--Village, School Board, Park District, Fire District levels--impacts your day-to-day lives.

Register to vote and then make your voice heard. Or do the rest of us who vote a favor, and keep your opinions to yourself.

Greg Spears