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School Board to Host Question and Answer Session

Nov 13, 2014 03:30PM ● By Steven Jack

Oswego School District 308 parents who want an opportunity to ask questions of School Board members will get their chance next week.

The School Board will host a two-hour question and answer session with residents starting at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 17, in the auditorium at Oswego East High School. 

The session will follow a format that requires those with questions to fill out comment cards with their name, address, email and question. According to the district, this is to ensure that if follow-up is needed, board members or staff may easily contact that person.

Speakers are asked to give their comment card to the board secretary before or during the meeting. People will be called to speak in the order the cards are received. 

The following are the district’s guidelines for the session. 

  • When the community members approach the microphone the person shall then state their name, address and topic of their question or comment for the public record. 
  • Questions/Comments will be limited to 2 minutes or less and may be directed at the board in general, or to a specific member of the board.  
  • If no Board Member is directly asked to address the question/comment from the audience, then any board member may answer/comment and additional board members who may wish to answer/comment can do so as well. 
  • Board Member answers will be limited to 2 minutes. 
  • If no Board Member elects to respond to a question, then the President will make a statement on behalf of the Board.
  • Questions can be on any topic, except for personnel, (i.e., no questions or comments can be made or about any teacher, employee, administrator or by referencing the District Employee’s title). If members of the public have any of theses types of questions, they should be directed to the building principal or district administration.