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Letter: Infrastructure Improvements Needed Before Massive Development

Nov 10, 2014 04:07PM ● By Steven Jack
On behalf of the Prescott Mill Homeowners Association, we were not surprised to learn a massive 1,400 to 1,600 home development has been proposed just to the south of our neighborhood. 

We know very well this a special corner of the world and a wonderful place to call home.  However, we have concerns about the village and school district's abilities to handle this additional growth.

With the addition of more people comes more cars and additional congestion to an area already dealing with inadequate roadway infrastructure.  The corner of Route 30 and Wolf's Crossing Road has been the topic of not only local discussion but also regional meetings of elected officials and the state's chief transportation agency. 

Improvements to that intersection are desperately needed and long overdue, but we are told, funding is scarce and construction is many years away.  In addition, Wolf's Crossing Road and Harvey Road, the only two roads that feed traffic into and out of our subdivision, would also have to accommodate the traffic coming into and out of the proposed Hudson Point Subdivision.  Both of these two-lane roads are severely undersized for today's traffic needs. 

Often times, our residents are forced to wait extended periods of time to exit our neighborhood because of high traffic volumes on both of these roads, with neither stop signs or traffic lights to aid us.  The addition of probably 3,000 more cars from the proposed development will create traffic gridlock in this area and pose a serious safety concern. 

We ask that before a single shovel touches the ground and before a single home is built, the roadway infrastructure is improved to meet the traffic volume this proposed development will create.

We are also concerned about the school district's ability to handle the additional growth without building additional schools and raising property taxes.  The mayor is quoted in an Oswego Ledger article as saying the additional students generated by the development will not cause the school district to exceed its current capacity. 

We are not convinced this will be the case and are very interested in reviewing the district's population projections with a fully developed Hudson Point in place.  We are also very interested in learning what developer impact fees and other costs Lincolnway Crossing LLC will be required to pay, if the development is approved. 

We believe strongly the development should pay for itself without burdening existing Oswego 308 taxpayers.  The fact part of the proposal includes commercial development and senior housing is encouraging, but we are not yet convinced this is enough to offset the costs associated with the addition of students coming from Hudson Point.

In closing, we are excited to see developers and builders returning to Oswego following the recession, and look forward to establishing a friendly neighborly relationship with Lincolnway Crossing.  But, we believe strongly the village and school district must address the infrastructure needs before approving a project of this magnitude.

Nathan Brown, on behalf of the Prescott Mill Homeowners Association

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