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ELECTION 2014: Unofficial Results

Nov 04, 2014 09:51PM ● By Steven Jack
The following are the unofficial vote totals for contested local offices from the Tuesday, Nov. 4 election:

County Board District 1 (vote for 3)

Amy Cesich (D)(I)   7,050
Judy Gilmour (R)(I)   10,211
Matthew Prochaska (R)(I)   8,224   
Robert Davidson Jr.   7,386

County Board District 2  (vote for 2)
Kristine Heiman (D)   6,223
Lynn Cullick (R)(I)   6,662
Scott Gryder (R)(I)   8,242

Kendall County Treasurer
Jill Ferko (R)(I)   21,429
Jim Stadler (D)   9,540

U.S. House District,11th
Bill Foster (D)(I)   87,764
Darlene Senger (R)   77209

U.S. House District, 14th
Randy Hultgren  (R)(I)   132,098
Dennis Anderson (D)   69,041

Illinois House District, 75th
John Anthony (R)(I)    19,470
Martha Shugart (D)   14,107

Illinois House District, 84th
Stephanie Kifowit (D)(I)   11,433
Krishna Bansal (R)   8,379

Illinois House District, 97th
Mark Batinick (R)   18,210
Moira Dunn (D)   13,741
Write-in   32 (Kendall County result)

Illinois House District, 50th
Keith Wheeler (R)   22,576
Valerie Burd (D)   10,444