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District 308 School Board Member Announces Re-election Campaign

Sep 22, 2014 09:46AM ● By Steven Jack

Brent Lightfoot

Brent Lightfoot, a member of the Oswego 308 School Board, has announced his re-election campaign. 

Lightfoot has served one term on the School Board and was first elected in 2011. 

“Serving on the Board can be lot of work, but it’s rewarding to see the positive progress the  district is making both in reducing costs and setting stronger goals for student achievement," LIghtfoot said. “We have a great team of administrators, teachers and support staff, it would be a great privilege to continue to serve the community.” 

Lightfoot's first campaign partially focused on finding an alternative to the construction of a proposed third high school, which was projected to cost the district about $115 million. 

"When I first ran for the Board in 2011, the community was being told we needed a third high school," Lightfoot writes on his website. "I questioned the future enrollment projections because the housing bubble had just burst.  With the help of a trusted actuarial, we built a growth model using the latest county birth rates.  The model showed that we could expand the existing high schools and have room for several more years at half the cost.

I'm happy to report that the two additions were completed in 2013 at a cost of about $55 million, saving taxpayers at least $60 million."

Lightfoot is a 16-year-resident of District 308, and is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in telecommunications. 

He can be reached via his campaign website at