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Student Earns Prestigious Northwestern University Academic Honors

Sep 20, 2014 12:06PM ● By Steven Jack
Bednarcik Junior High sixth-grader Akul Prakash was honored by the Center for Talent Development at an award ceremony on Sept. 6 to celebrate his achievement in Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS).
NUMATS provides gifted students the opportunity to take assessments designed for older students. Students in third through sixth grade take the Explore test, which until recently was commonly administered to students in eighth grade to determine placement in high school courses.
Only about 2 percent of the almost 20,000 gifted students nationwide who participate in the program qualify for the ceremony, indicating the qualifying criteria is selective.
The top-scoring NUMATS students in middle school typically score as well as the top scoring high school seniors nationally. Students’ families can receive personalized academic recommendations and access to online resources including information written by gifted education experts through the program.
Award winners also received certificates, medals, or scholarships for Center for Talent Development summer, weekend enrichment, and online programs.