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Oswego School District 308 Plans College Funding Seminar

Aug 31, 2014 07:33PM ● By Steven Jack

Frank Palmasani

Parents of Oswego High School (OHS) and Oswego East High School (OEHS) students can receive helpful advice on how to budget for their children’s college education by attending a district-hosted seminar.
Frank Palmasani, author of Right College, Right Price is offering his seminar “Conquering College Costs” at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 11, at the OEHS Performing Arts Center.

The seminar is designed to highlight 30 steps parents can take to save thousands of dollars in college costs and pay for college without excessive debt.
Parents will learn about scholarships, financial aid, student loans, and the latest college search process when financial issues are a factor.
OEHS and OHS student services are sponsoring the event.

Provided by District 308