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District 308 Updates Logo

Aug 28, 2014 10:32PM ● By Steven Jack
Community Unit School District 308 will have a new logo to go with the rest of its rebranding efforts.
The School Board approved the district logo at its meeting on Monday, Aug. 25. The logo incorporates the district’s goal of becoming world-class, as well as, an eternal showcase of a unified effort to high achievement. The new logo comes as part of district-wide rebranding efforts that also include a new website and domain change, said Director of Communications and Public Affairs Brian Graves.
“As a district, we understand we serve not only Oswego, but the broader School District 308 community, which incorporates portions of Aurora, Joliet, Montgomery, Plainfield and Yorkville,” Graves said. “It is important we adjust our branding and messaging accordingly. It is also important to convey the idea we are striving to be a world-class district in everything we do.”
A districtwide committee comprised of staff, teachers and community members helped to select the final version of the logo. It was also selected for its compatibility with the look and feel of the new website set to launch by November 1, Graves said.
The colors in the logo also bring meaning. The gold represents an elevation of mind and generosity, the white represents peace and sincerity, the blue represents truth and loyalty, and the gray represents security, maturity and dependability. The Earth inside the “O” in the 308 represents a world-class education and the ring represents encompassing future possibilities and the eternal commitment to learning.
Minneapolis-based graphic designer Jim Lingenfelter designed the new logo at a cost of $2,000.  The Board of Education is expected to discuss and approve later this fall staff recommended components of the 2020 Strategic Plan, including vision and mission statements, values and goals.

Provided by School District 308