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Oswego District 308 to Extend Deadline for Special Education Co-op Withdrawal

Aug 18, 2014 09:06PM ● By Steven Jack
Oswego School District 308 School Board members will vote on a plan later this month that will extend the district's withdrawal process from the Kendall County Special Education Cooperative to two years. 

According to a recent report in the Aurora Beacon News, district administrators made the decision after hearing parent concerns at forums in July, discussing the decision with co-op staff and administrators from other districts within the co-op. 

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The School Board approved in June a resolution requesting the district’s departure from the Cooperative for the 2015-16 school year. That would have given District 308 administrators less than a year to formulate their own state-approved plan for educating the district's 2,300 special education students.

The KCSEC board met last week and delayed discussions about District 308's departure until more input could be gathered from the school boards of the five other members in the co-op, The Beacon reported.

District 308 board took the measure to exit the co-op after a special education audit earlier this year revealed many problems throughout the district’s program, including significant student achievement gaps.