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Oswego to Outsource Mosquito Control

Jul 01, 2014 09:01PM ● By Steven Jack

Flickr Creative Commons

Are you noticing more mosquitos around town than usual?

Well, there could be a few reasons for that — one of them is the rainy weather, and another is the village of Oswego, which has historically handled mosquito abatement, has yet to begin treating the areas where mosquitos typically bread like sewage catch basins. 

Jennifer Hughes, the village's public works director, told village trustees Tuesday that a shortage of staff to handle the work has led to the village's 5,000 catch basins not being treated. That work is usually done in mid-June.

She also said outsourcing the work to St. Charles-based Clarke Mosquito Control will provide residents with a better notification system for when neighborhood sprayings will be conducted. 

Trustees unanimously approved the $43,000 annual contract to Clarke, and the company will begin work next week treating the basins and traveling through town spraying mosquito-killing pesticides from a truck.

The village has been conducting abatement since 2002 after the introduction of West Nile Virus, and in recent years has focused on treating basins and spraying areas around large public events like the Fourth of July fireworks. Hughes assured trustees that village staff will be out spraying this week for the Friday fireworks show.

Hughes said as Clarke begins to spray throughout town this summer, residents will be able to sign up for alerts letting them know when the trucks will be passing through their neighborhoods. 

Those wishing to sign up for alerts, may call 1-800-942-2555.