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Winnie is in Search of Her Retirement Home

Jun 29, 2014 03:32PM ● By Steven Jack


Meet Winnie, a darling foster dog who is a Yorkshire Terrier mix (or a Yorkie mix) around the age of 9 years old. 

She was found in southern Indiana and no owner showed up to claim her despite her spay scar, proving someone had owned her.  Winnie's luck was not going in her favor due to the holiday weekend approaching when dogs are euthanized in the shelters Rover Rescue pulls dogs.  Winnie was older, needing a dental, only has one eye, and appears to have significant hearing loss. 

However, her temperament was that of the sweet little old lady she is so a plea was sent out to rescues.  Rover Rescue found a foster home for her and she tested heartworm negative which earned her a spot on the transport.

Winnie arrived to town and received the much needed dental.  She was updated on vaccines including her rabies and bordetella.  Winnie arrived to a very busy household full of dogs of all ages and sizes and just as many children.  She is wonderful with all of them and just happily bustles along her merry way.  She loves to explore the yard and she rolled around acting like a dog half her age when she found some tall grass.  She has a peppy little gait and has no problems with stairs.

Winnie appears house-trained and has no problem sleeping through the night.  She loves to be carried but will just as easily settle down on a dog bed and take a nap.  Her coat needs trimming so her foster family is slowing removing the mats of hair and cleaning ears that may not have ever been cleaned. 

She is easy to handle while doing this and will eventually need a professional grooming to bring out her gorgeous blonde locks of hair.  She is one of those dogs who has hair not fur and she will need grooming every 6-8 weeks. 

Other than that, she just needs a place to live out her senior years.  She is small and can easily fit in to any household.  Due to her small size, she is not eligible for adoption with children in the home under the age of 5 years per Rover Rescue policy. 

While she is no threat to small children, it would be too tempting for a small child to play too roughly with her and injure her.

Winnie's adoption fee is $200 which includes a certificate for a free microchipping at a Rover Rescue veterinarian.  If you are interested in adding Winnie to your household, please call her foster mom Mary at 630-585-7927 for a phone interview.  She will have some questions for you and will answer any questions you may have.

Provided by Rover Rescue

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