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Only Oswego

Is Oswego Boring? Real Estate Website Says So

Jun 13, 2014 06:29PM ● By Steven Jack
Do you find yourself getting bored in Oswego? Well, probably not this weekend with PrairieFest at full tilt.

But what about the rest of the year? Real estate website has listed Oswego as one of the 10 most boring towns in Illinois. 

Ranked eighth and right up there with places like Bolingbrook, Vernon Hills and Streamwood, the writer refers to the "top" 10 as "terribly dreary places."

The rankings are based on six criteria:

  • Nightlife per capita (bars, clubs, comedy, etc.)
  • Live music venues per capita
  • Active life options per capita (parks, outdoor activities, etc.)
  • Fast Food restaurants per capita (the fewer the better)
  • Percentage of restaurants that are fast food (the lower the better)
  • Percentage of young residents ages 20 to 34 (the higher the better)
The writer says the list is meant to be light-hearted and isn't meant as a way of saying "these places suck,"  or that "people there suck."

Anyway, here's what they had to say about our own town:

The most interesting thing about this village is the name, and it shows in the numbers. For starters, this spot did very poorly in young population ranking, music venues per capita, and fast food vs. non-fast food restaurants. So, basically, uniqueness and variety are hardly this city’s spice of choice.

Active life actually was the one area where this village did pretty well, scoring 33rd for that category. However, if you don’t like to take walks, workout, or do some form of dance, this place really doesn’t have much to offer you. And after sundown, forget it. That’s bedtime, not party time for this sleepy little place.

Okay, so they have a very pretty downtown. Maybe that can be some consolation.

Now, if you're wondering which town is considering the most boring in all of Illinois, well, that "honor" went to New Lenox.

Check out the full list of the 10 most boring towns in Illinois here.