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Trustees Approve Annexation of New Speedway

Jun 04, 2014 08:07PM ● By Steven Jack

Flickr Creative Commons

Oswego Village Trustees Tuesday night unanimously approved the annexation, rezoning and initial plans of a new Speedway gas station on the northeast corner of Route 30 and Wolf's Crossing Road. 

The vote paves the way for the station that has been met with resistance  from local residents and Aurora Alderman Ed Bugg during its year-long planning process. Bugg appeared before the Village Board again Tuesday night to offer a final argument against the station.

As proposed, the station will have room for 10 pumps and include room for semi-trailer trucks to fill up with diesel fuel. 

“I think that we’re putting a size of a structure into an imprint that just won’t fit," said Bugg.

Residents near the proposed station, Bugg and representatives of Speedway appeared before the Village Board March 18 during a sometimes contentious annexation hearing in which many concerns were raised.

Several residents questioned everything from traffic safety and congestion to the safety of local school children who likely would attempt to walk to the proposed location. Rod Zenner, the village's community development director, revealed Tuesday night that Speedway has agreed to install sidewalks in the area around the station. 

As for traffic and safety concerns, the Illinois Department of Transportation has jurisdiction over the intersection, and the state is only requiring right-hand turn lanes into the station off of northbound Route 30 and westbound Wolf’s Crossing Road. 

Trustees agreed that future Illinois Department of Transportation plans to improve the intersection should alleviate those concerns. Bugg, however, argued that those improvements could be years away.

"This could be three years or more of havoc for residents," he said.

Speedway plans to spend nearly $1 million on local public infrastructure improvements before the station is even built. Those improvements also include the extension of underground water and sewer lines.