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Letter: Opening Country Market a Huge Success

Jun 02, 2014 12:46PM ● By Steven Jack

A section of Main Street in downtown Oswego has been opened up to provide for the expanding 2014 Oswego Country Market held every Sunday morning throughout the Summer. Photo courtesy of the Oswegoland Park District

Sunny skies and smiling faces greeted the friends and families who met up on Main Street to enjoy opening day of the Oswego Country Market this past Sunday. Market-goers were impressed by the variety of the vendors, and the vendors were blown away by how much this community supports the market.

Thank you to all who came out to shop for food and other treasured goodies at the Oswegoland Park District’s Oswego Country Market. Shopping locally at our market helps promote a happy and healthy community. Not only are we able to purchase fresh, healthy, and delicious food, we get to re-connect with old friends and make new ones as we all stroll through the market together.

Every Sunday through September you’ll find Oswegoland Park District staff available to answer questions about our facilities, events, and programs. You may find volunteers from a community group like the Oswego Public Library District who will let you know all about the summer reading program. You will meet people who have taken a risk to carry on a family business or start their own small business venture, and would love to tell you about it!

Thank you to Bob Tripp, N.M. Tripp Insurance for once again providing space for the market. Thank you to the downtown businesses who support the market’s presence on Main Street and those who have opened their businesses on Sundays to provide patrons with more opportunities to spend locally. Week after week, market visitors will discover the charm of downtown Oswego. It’s a great location with plenty of parking and access to the Fox River Trail for bikers and hikers!

Please visit us on Sunday mornings from 9am-1pm! You can find your community here, at the Oswego Country Market! Stay informed about what the market has to offer each week by following us on Facebook at

We will be posting information about our vendors, special events at the markets, recipes, and more! If you have any questions or have suggestions please contact the Oswegoland Park District at 630.554.1010 or email Cori Veverka at

Cori Veverka, Oswego Country Market Manager