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Route 47 Project Causing Huge Traffic Delays in Oswego

Jun 02, 2014 11:34AM ● By Steven Jack
Improvements to a railway crossing along Route 47 in downtown Yorkville has caused the closure of the road, and is contributing to major traffic headaches along Route 71 in Oswego.

Route 47 road was closed to through traffic Friday morning and will remain so for about seven days, according to updates from the Illinois Department of Transportation. Last week, IDOT recommended travelers use Route 71, Orchard Road and Route 34 as an alternate route.

However, construction has also begun along Route 71 and the extra volume of traffic Friday afternoon had some motorists stuck for more than an hour near Route 71 and Orchard Road.

The delays caused the Oswego Police to release an advisory to residents via its Facebook page recommending drivers use either Route 126, Route 30, Galena Road or Jericho Road as alternates to Route 71 during high traffic times.

"If during the Route 47 widening project you continue to use Route 71 as an alternate route, be expected to experience significant delays in your travel times," police warned

Police said officers will be stationed at the intersection of Route 71 and Orchard Monday afternoon during rush hour to help keep traffic moving. They also suggested drivers avoid using Route 34 through downtown Oswego as an alternate route.