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Judy Malnick: A 'Driving Force Behind' the Family Atmosphere at Old Post

May 13, 2014 02:28PM ● By Steven Jack

Judy Malnick

Judy Malnick, Secretary to the Principal Old Post Elementary School Years with district: 28

Awards / Recognition: Little White School House Distinguished Service to Students, PTA Lifetime Achievement

“Judy Malnick’s unwavering devotion to the students, staff, and families is unbeatable. Whether singing over the intercom, taking time to ask how you are, or just sharing a smile, she has a natural ability to make every person she comes across feel special. Judy has been a driving force in building the family-like atmosphere at Old Post.”

Principal Jodi Ancel, Old Post

As a young stay-at-home mom raising sons Nicolaus and Aaron, Judy Malnick started volunteering at Boulder Hill Elementary School. In 1985, she was hired as a part-time teacher’s assistant, which soon turned into a full-time position. Several years later, she accepted a clerical aide position at Boulder Hill. When Old Post Elementary opened in the fall of 1997, Malnick accepted the position of secretary to the principal, a job she held for 17 years.

“I will be leaving Old Post with many fond and cherished memories, and I will treasure the countless friendships I’ve made,” said Malnick. “Old Post is definitely a welcoming, family- oriented school. The students are amazing, the parents are friendly and caring and take an active role in their children’s education, and the teachers and support staff are dedicated and enthusiastic.”

Malnick said her job provided new and exciting challenges on a daily basis. “I was always learning new techniques and procedures,” she said. While computers and state-of-the-art technologies have replaced Dictaphones, shorthand is still in short supply. “Multi-tasking, patience, and a sense of humor are definite requirements for this job,” she added.

Prior to joining the district, Malnick worked as assistant secretary to the college president of Dakota State College in Madison, S.D., while she was a student. From there, she moved to Omaha, working for the Equitable Life Assurance Society, where she used Dictaphones and shorthand on a daily basis. When her husband, Greg, was offered a job at Bell Laboratories in Naperville, the family relocated to Illinois.

In retirement, Malnick is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren, Asher and Audrey, catching up on her reading, and traveling with her husband.