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Which Oswego Streets Will be Repaired This Summer?

May 01, 2014 08:42AM ● By Steven Jack

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There has been much talk among village officials regarding this year's Oswego street repair program. 

Mostly those discussions focused on how to pay for the $1.3 million worth of projects. So, which streets will be repaired this summer? Find the complete list below. Work should begin after Memorial Day, according to the village, and will wrap up by August.

Resurfacing will occur on the following streets listed by subdivision:

Morgan Crossing 
• Collins Road – Grove Road to 170’ east of Morgan Valley Drive 
• Barnaby Drive – Heritage Drive to 540’ east of Heritage Drive 
• Heritage Drive – US 34 to Farmington Lakes Drive 
Ogden Falls 
• Blue Ridge Court – Ogden Falls Blvd. to cul-de-sac 
• Blue Ridge Drive – Ogden Falls Blvd. to Treasure Drive 
• Half Moon Court – Blue Ridge Drive to Blue Ridge Drive 
• Ogden Falls Boulevard – Treasure Drive to north of Blue Ridge Drive 
• Treasure Drive – Ogden Falls Blvd. to butt joint 
• Loreen Court – at Treasure Drive 
• Sunshine Court – at Treasure Drive 
Victoria Meadows 
• Barnaby Drive – Douglas Road to Old Post Road 
• Charolotte Lane – Old Post Road to Old Post Road 
• Joseph Court – off of Old Post Road 
• Mondovi Drive – Barnaby Drive to Old Post Road 
Extensive hot patching will take place on sections of the following roads: 
• Harvey Road 
• Ogden Falls Boulevard 
• Minkler Road at the bridge 
• Farmington Lakes Drive 
• Pearces Ford 
• Prairieview Drive

In Oswego Township the following roads will be repaired:

Mill Full Width & 1½ Surface (Boulder Hill work must wait until after July 15th) 
• Hillstone Road 
• Rocky Way 
• Circle Drive East (from Boulder Hill Pass to Marnel Road) 
• Pembrooke Road (from Woodridge Road to Roulock Road) 
• Codorus Road
• Guilford Road
• Westleigh Court
• Woodridge Road
• Pickford Road

1½ Surface, Stone Shoulder, 8’ into all entrances & Striping 
• Stewart (from Rance Rd. to Scotch Church Road)
• Scotch Church Road
• Roth Road

1½ Surface 
• Pioneer Ct. 
• Appoloosa ln. 
• Palimino Ln. 
• Burkhart Dr.

Additionally, work on the massive $21 million Route 71 project will begin May 5, the Illinois Department of Transportation announced this week. Motorists should expect occasional "major traffic delay" and are urged to seek alternative routes. 

During the project, IDOT will make Route 71 a four-lane road from Orchard to Route 34. The project isn't expected to finished until the fall of 2016.