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District 308 to Launch New Website

Apr 28, 2014 01:44PM ● By Steven Jack
Community Unit School District 308 cleared the next hurdle in preparing for the launch of its new website in the fall by gaining Board of Education approval. The Board approved the administration’s recommendation, Pennsylvania-based Schoolwires.
“We believe that Schoolwires is the best vendor to take the District into the future,” said Graves. “The firm offers an aesthetically pleasing design, as well as a system that will be easy to understand. We want a system that teachers, students, staff and parents will be able to easily utilize.”
District administrators enlisted the help of various stakeholders to identify technical needs, required functions, and desired features for the new website. The district also valued allowing content providers with little to no programming experience the ability to edit and update content. The new site is scheduled to launch in August, and has a one-time startup cost of $37,418, or about $2.17 per student.

Provided by Oswego District 308