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One Year Later, Path Repair Work In Sight

Apr 17, 2014 03:06PM ● By Steven Jack

Work on the washed out Waubonsee Creek Bike Path will begin this summer.

It's nearly one year to the day since torrential rain swept away portions of two large bridges and part of the downtown Waubonsee Creek path. 

While the Adams Street and Wolf's Crossing bridges were fixed in the weeks following the historic April 18 flood, the path looks much the same as it did a year ago. The reason for the delay in rebuilding the path, said the village's Public Works Director Jennifer Hughes, has been the wait for federal funding.

"There was a lot of work to be done to get FEMA to fund the project," Hughes said. 

The good news now, however, is that the $200,000 in repair work has received funding and should start soon. Hughes said final design work should be complete in the coming days, and the project will go out to bid shortly thereafter. FEMA has committed $26,000 for the project, according to village documents.

"The majority of the work will have to be done when the creek is at its lowest," Hughes said. "So, that will be during the summer months. We would hope to have it complete by fall."

Previously the bike path essentially was built on existing ground and no retaining wall between the creek and the path was ever constructed, which is what caused the destruction of the path during the flood, Hughes said.

Plans for the reconstruction call for a six-foot retaining wall to be constructed between the creek and path below the surface from Adams Street to the bridge that spans into Hudson Crossing Park.

"Users of the path really won't see much of a difference when the project is complete," Hughes said.

As for other projects still needing attention one year after the flood, Hughes said her department plans to also study drainage issues in the Southbury subdivision.