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Ace is Sweet, Smart and Goofy

Apr 17, 2014 01:56PM ● By Steven Jack

Ace! Photo courtesy of Rover Rescue

This is Ace, a 1-year-old male border collie. He is sweet, smart and goofy. He is eager to please and loves to be the center of attention. He was left at a shelter because his owners could no longer take care of him. 

Ace loves to fetch and play tug. His favorite toy is the one someone else has. He loves to play with other dogs and kids. He enjoys car rides and being with people. He is a cuddler and is quite happy beside you on the couch or lying near your feet wherever you are. He is always available to taste test your food for you, but he will wait until you are finished before he turns on the hard begging for scraps. 

He is house trained and is learning to ring a bell tied to the sliding glass door to tell us when he needs to go out. He knows basic commands and responds very well to whistles and hand signals. He still pulls hard on a leash, but is getting better every day.  He is crate trained and cat friendly. 

Ace is playful and mischievous, he needs lots of exercise. He would love to be your constant companion and will happily follow you anywhere. If you want to meet ace or get more information, call Shawn 630-991-0945 or email . He is current on his shots and he is neutered. His adoption fee is $200. 

Provided by Rover Resce