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Kendall County Second in the Region in Average of Conceal Carry Applications

Apr 03, 2014 10:01AM ● By Steven Jack

Kendall County ranks second in the region when it comes to the percentage of residents applying for Illinois’ new Conceal Carry permits, according to Illinois State Police data.

The numbers, compiled in a Peoria Journal Star report, show as of last month 511 Kendall County residents had applied for a permit. That’s an average of 4.5 people per thousand residents. 

In comparison, Kane County has an average of 3.1 per thousand, DuPage County 3.4 per thousand, and Cook County 2.3 per thousand. Will County has the highest average in the region at 5.1 per thousand. 

Concealed Carry became the law in Illinois this year after an appeals court in 2012 struck down a previous ban. In late February, the state had mailed its first 5,000 conceal carry licenses. More than 50,000 have applied across the state so far. 

The Illinois Sate Police revealed earlier this week that hundreds of local applications had been denied after a Bolingbrook instructor was found to have been providing inadequate training. The trainer, who the state didn't identify, did not supply the 16 hours of in-person training required by law.

The State Police does provide a complete list of approved instructors, and  that list can be accessed on the Illinois State Police’s Conceal Carry website. 

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