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Local Man Found Alive in Japan

Mar 30, 2014 08:06AM ● By Steven Jack

Michael Blodgett is reunited with his wife, Ikuko, and daughter Olivia. Photo courtesy the Find Michael Blodgett Facebook page.

According to a post on the Find Michael Blodgett Facebook page from early Sunday morning, the man with Oswego-area ties has been found alive in Japan.

"Mike and (Blodgett's wife) have gone together to hospital to have a full check-up. He was very weak and could barely stand, yet got himself off the mountain after 6 nights in the open. Even the (police) are astounded. If he was a cat he'd have 3 left," read a message on the page.

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Blodgett has lived in Osaka, Japan for five years with his wife and child. He teaches English, and is graduate of Batavia High School. His sister, Anne, is a resident of Montgomery and has worked in Oswego School District 308.

He left for a camping trip March 23 and was to return three days later, but never did. He was headed for Nara Prefecture in Japan on a visit to the Omine Temple. He was last heard from on the morning of March 24.

Updated 9:45 a.m. Sunday

The following message was posted on the Find Michael Blodgett Facebook page at about 9:15 a.m. Sunday. It offers a few more details of how Blodgett became lost and how he survived. 

Mike is physically weak but his mind is clear. He's got some frostbite on his toes and fingers so it needs to be monitored. There is one toe that doesn't look good but he can feel it so hopefully it will be okay. He is also dehydrated. 

He did climb all the way to the top on the 24th and while descending is when he ran into trouble. Around 3:30pm he slipped for about 50-70m (160-230ft). He tried to find his way but then slipped again, and this time it was for a long time and this is when he lost his phone. He slipped into a river/waterfall. He was soaking wet but got out and found a small, old, abandoned shack. He spend 6 nights there. There weren't any trails around this shack and but still he tried to find a trail. Don't know which day, maybe today, but he went down and found a river so walked along the river but then he came to a point where he could not pass so had to go back. He tried another way but was snowy. 

He said that today was the hardest descending the mountain. Ikuko said she still doesn't know all the details of today. He got to the monk, Shinchoku's house at the foothill of the mountain and this is where he called for help.

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