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Only Oswego

Coyotes Spotted All Over Oswego

Mar 23, 2014 02:52PM ● By Steven Jack

Mating season for coyotes is February and March. Credit Flickr Creative Commons

Though there have been no reports of coyote attacks on small pets in Oswego so far this spring, sightings of the predator are on the rise. 

Check out the interactive map below for locations throughout the village where coyotes recently have been spotted by readers of the Only Oswego Facebook page.

The Oswegoland Park District also has released some information about the local coyote population. Here are some interesting facts you might not know:
  • Coyotes can jump fences as high as 14 feet, and reach speeds up to 40 mph.
  • The coyote population has increased due to the eradication of its natural predator the gray wolf.
And check out these frequently asked coyote questions from the Park District website. 

Why are coyotes coming so close to my house?

The rapid development of Kendall County has caused a tremendous loss of natural habitat, bringing coyotes closer to urban areas. Easy food sources such as pet food, open garbage cans, and birdseed all attract coyotes to residential areas.

There are children in the neighborhood and I’ve seen a coyote. Do I need to be concerned? While the possibility of being bitten by a coyote does exist, the probability of it actually happening is quite low. Healthy coyotes are not known to attack humans. Your child has a greater chance of being bitten by a pet dog or cat than by a coyote. Teach your children never to approach any wild animal, including coyotes.

What should I do if a coyote approaches me?

Coyotes are typically frightened off by aggressive gestures, such as moving towards the animal while waving your arms and shouting in a loud, deep voice. Throw stones or sticks in the coyote’s direction. If you are walking with a pet, pick it up or shorten the leash so that it remains close to you. Do not turn your back on or run from the coyote and, if possible, move towards an area of activity.

Will a coyote eat my pet?

Some pets, especially small dogs and cats, might be seen as potential prey by coyotes. A larger dog can be seen as a threat to a coyote’s security and may be attacked in order to drive it away from its territory. This is especially true if a den or pups are nearby. As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s welfare. Any pet left unattended is at risk. Keep pets in a secured area or on a leash when outside or accompany them, especially at night, to ensure their safety.

Is it OK to feed a coyote?

No. NEVER FEED ANY WILD ANIMAL, including coyotes. Feeding coyotes teaches them to associate humans with food, eventually making them very bold and unafraid.