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Aqua Force Swim Team Excels

Mar 22, 2014 07:00AM ● By Dave Ruggles

The Aqua Force swim team sent 46 members to the YMCA state meet this weekend.

The Fox Valley Family YMCA Aqua Force swimmers are bringing 46 swimmers to the YMCA state swim meet this weekend.  This sets a new record for the team and builds upon the increasing success they have seen in the past few seasons.

Members of the Aqua Force YMCA State Swim Team include: 

Brodie Mikuta, Ben Sapet, ​Lexi Weiss, Christian Vergara, Hannah Houston, Joshua Harris, Colleen O'Connor, Catie Casanovas, Kayla Deubel, Ethan Castilla, ​Skylar Ruggles, ​Noah Aguado, Kadrien Earp, Erin O'Connor, James Iglesias, Jason Reppy, ​Alexandria Meyers, Erin Iglesias, Maya Tiseth, Krystal Gillespie, ​Lauren Abrell, Paige Seplak, ​Alyssa Miller, Luka Forve, Beckett McGraw, Eric Hix, Melanie Saienni, Ryanna Johnson, Briana Krisch, Megan Krisch, ​Tyler Conner, Payton Reilly, Kaylyn Sudnick, Carson Converse, Andrew Harris, Tatem Terando, Kabria Earp, Lauren Wille, Lacey Mindock, ​Logan Campbell, Alex Pierce, Matthew Harris, Kendal Bell, Elizabeth Koppin, Braeden Clark and Ythan Houston.

This year marks the first year the YMCA has sent a swimmer to the YMCA Nationals.  Brodie Mikuta qualified for the 100 yard breaststroke.  He will travel to North Carolina to represent the team during the first week of April.

The Aqua Force swim team competed in the YMCA District Swim meet on March 2. The team came in Fourth Place Overall.  The following members of the team earned a first, second or third place in their individual event: Abbey Glaser, Kadrien Earp, Pao Vargas, Colleen O'Connor, Erin O'Connor, Ashley Vargas, Mikayla Regis, Skylar Ruggles, Gabe Rodriguez, Andrew Harris, Noah Aguado, Brodie Mikuta, Nathan Wille, Ethan Castilla, Chris Vergara, Luke Amicon and Joshua Harris.

The following team members were on a relay that earned a first, second or third place: Mathew Harris, Ythan Houston, Braeden Clark, Ethan Castilla, Becket McGraw, Eric Hix, Luka Forve, Joshua Harris, James Iglesias, Ben Sapet, Jason Reppy, Brodie Mikuta, Kendall Bell, Lauren Wille, Abbey Glaser, Lizzy Kopin, Kayla Deubel, Catie Casanovas, Melanie Saienni, Colleen O'Connor, Carson Converse, Andrew Harris, Noah Aguado and Tyler Conner.

In addition to the YMCA championships, Aqua Force swimmers also qualified for the USA swimming championship series.  The Aqua Force brought it's largest team ever to the ISI Regional Championships.  The team included swimmers: Kayla Deubel, ​Hannah Houston, Lacey Mindock, ​Colleen O'Connor, Skylar Ruggles, Lexi Weiss, Ethan Castilla, ​Joshua Harris, Matthew Harris, Brodie Mikuta, ​Alex Pierce, Jason Reppy, Abbey Glasser, Lizzy Koppin, ​Braeden Clark, Ythan Houston, Lauren Abrell, Noah Aguado, Chris Vergara and James Iglesias.

The following Aqua Force swimmers were able to earn a medal (place in the top eight) in their event: Ethan Castilla (3rd in 500 yard freestyle and 2nd in 200 yard IM), Jason  Reppy (5th in 1000 yard freestyle), Colleen O'Conner (3rd in 500 yard freestyle and 4th in 50 yard freestyle), Skylar Ruggles (6th in 500 yard freestyle), Joshua Harris (6th in 500 yard freestyle and 6th in 50 yard backstroke),

Brodie Mikuta qualified for the ISI Senior Championships in the 100 yard breaststroke.  This marks the first time an Aqua Force swimmer has qualified to swim in this event.

The Aqua Force had three swimmers qualify for the ISI Age Group Championships: Colleen O'Connor (100 yard butterfly and 50 yard freestyle), Ethan Castilla (100 yard butterfly, 50 yard freestyle, 100 yard freestyle, 50 yard butterfly and 200 yard freestyle) and Skylar Ruggles (50 yard backstroke and 100 yard backstroke).  The Aqua Force team scored points for the first time at this competition when Ethan Castilla finished 13th in the 50 yard free-style.