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Eighth-Graders Catch 'Particle Fever'

Mar 20, 2014 08:05PM ● By Steven Jack

Photo provided by Fermilab

Students in  Amy Truemper's eighth-grade science class at Bednarcik Junior High took a Saturday field trip to screen the documentary Particle Fever.

According to IMDB, the film follows a group of scientist "As they seek to unravel the mysteries of the universe, 10,000 scientists from over 100 countries joined forces in pursuit of a single goal: to recreate conditions that existed just moments after the Big Bang and find the Higgs boson, potentially explaining the origin of all matter."

After the film, students were given the opportunity to discuss the film with Fermilab scientist who were involved in the project. 

"The depth of their questions on the Higgs boson and the science of the LHC left the scientists in awe," said Andre Salles, a Fermilab spokesman. 

Check out a trailer of the film below. 

Particle Fever Official Trailer HD