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Letter: Dress, Behavior at OEHS Dance 'Nasty'

Mar 02, 2014 09:02PM ● By Steven Jack
I am a concerned parent of an OEHS freshman who attended the school's turn-a-bout dance (Saturday) night.

As I picked my daughter up and asked how it was, her first response was not "fun" or "cool", her reply to me was, "Mom, it was nasty, so many girls were wearing short shorts with everything hanging out. They were grinding like 10 people long like a train all night"

I asked if there was chaperones and she said yes, and the cops were there too for security. I was shocked when she told me that considering that there had to be more than one chaperone who is a school employee, IE; a teacher. I expect student conduct to be adhered to across the board, and not just during school hours.

I immediately emailed the high school the following ...

"Good evening. I just picked up my Freshman and her date from the dance tonight and the dress and conduct of other students at the dance were very disturbing to them.

Two things have me questioning school policy,

No. 1: Many girls were wearing "booty shorts", if that kind of attire is not allowed in school, how is it allowed at a school dance? Same goes for dresses that are too short as well?

I sent my daughter in appropriate wear with a cardigan seeing as it was a "spaghetti strap" type dress.

No. 2: The "grinding" was 10 people thick like a train, they said. What kind of example is this setting when it is allowed? There were not only adults there but police enforcement, too. I am disgusted to know that adults just stood by and watched this type of behavior from our youth at OEHS.

I would expect and hope a school (who's superintendent strives for us to succeed in our acedemics) to also strive in an honorable reputation. After all ... these are OEHS students, AT an OEHS event, ON OEHS grounds.

I strongly believe these issues need to be reviewed and entered into the student code of conduct. If they need to adhere to student conduct at school, it should be across the board."

If I receive a reply back, which I do not expect to, I am very interested in the schools policy, having shared what my child told me on a social media page, I have had a couple tell me that OHS has a had a "no grinding" rule for over 10 years.

Katie Urso