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Carjacking Suspect Caught by Oswego Police

Mar 01, 2014 07:13AM ● By Steven Jack

A car-jacking at about 6:45 p.m. Friday at Route 30 and Douglas Road ended with the suspect being arrested near the intersection of routes 34 and 30, the Oswego Police reported. 

Oswego Police were called in to help the Montgomery Police regarding the carjacking at Route 30 and Douglas Road, and while responding they were dispatched to routes 34 and 30 for a report of a fight in progress. 

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When police arrived on the scene they found two people fighting and determined that one of them had just crashed a car. Police then determined the crashed car was the one that had been stolen at Route 30 and Douglas.

Upon further investigation police discovered the suspect tried stealing another car at 30 and 34. 

The suspect was taken into custody by Oswego Police without incident and turned over to the Montgomery Police Department. 

The suspect has not been identified by Oswego Police.