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Oswego Plane Crash Investigation Still Incomplete

Feb 24, 2014 01:34PM ● By Steven Jack

The investigation in to the Oswego crash of a vintage B-17 airplane in June 2011 is nearly complete. 

A spokesman from the National Transportation Safety Board recently said despite a normal crash investigation time frame of up to 18 months, the government’s study of the crash should be complete in March — nearly 3 years after the incident. 

"Typically, NTSB investigations can take 12 to 18 months. I try to tell folks that the time frame is not set in stone.  Some investigations can take longer," said NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway. "I think one of the issues with this one is that the investigator has several accidents happening all around the same time, and unfortunately when a new accident occurs the others have a slightly lower priority.  The investigators are often juggling many accidents at one time.  It can also depend on how quickly the responses from the (parties) are received."

The crash took place the morning of June 13 shortly after the plane took off from the Aurora Municipal Airport in Sugar Grove. The plane’s left wing caught fire moments after lift-off and the pilot was forced to crash land the plane in a field off Minkler Road in Oswego.

All seven passengers were able to escape the plane without injury. Fire crews from Oswego, Plainfield and Sugar Grove responded to the crash. 

The Liberty Belle Flying Fortress was owned by the Liberty Foundation out of Miami. It was built in 1944 and flew more than 60 combat missions.

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Courtesy Youtube user RidesWithChuck