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Feb 18, 2014 11:34AM ● By Steven Jack
One of the most important parts of any local news and information site is the comments. Open dialogue between neighbors only strengthens a community.  

In my years of doing this job I've seen conversations that have brought neighbors closer together and those that have torn people part. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with people here or anywhere else. It's how you go about it that matters. 

As I've pointed out previously, I own this website. That means I get to decide what comments stay and which ones go.

I have a pretty liberal idea on what constitutes online trolling or bullying and it won't be tolerated here. Here are a few simple rules to live by when leaving a comment:

1. Keep it civil. Talk to people like if you met them in person you wouldn't be ashamed of the things you said. Comments containing threats or defamatory remarks will be deleted. This includes comments about individuals arrested and charged with crimes who have not been convicted. 

2. Own up to who you are. Fake user names won't be tolerated. In reality, I can't prove if anyone is ever using their real name, but obviously phony accounts will be deleted. A couple of examples might be "Oswego Dan" or "Amanda Huginkiss."

3. Don't use foul language. Comments using profanity or masked pro$f@ni&ty also will be deleted. 

4. Don't spam. Free advertisements are not permitted in the comments section. 

5. Stay on topic. Is there anything worse than reading a nice story about a community event where the comments turn into a huge argument about the Second Amendment?

If you have any questions about this policy or are wondering why your comment was removed, please email me at